TeleWare Plc

In late 2015 I became TeleWare's sole in-house Graphic Designer.
At the time, TeleWare's brand assets were limited and created on an 'as-needed' basis. 
Through my employment I created internal resources for TeleWare staff to pre-empt the need for materials. Because TeleWare are a Microsoft Partner, their general office software preferences supported their partnership, in respect of this partnership, template documents for TeleWare on MS Office Products were produced. Alongside that was a utilisation of SharePoint to store all resources in an easy to find location. Within SharePoint I created Icon Libraries, product diagrams, image libraries and a multitude of printed collateral to assist the company in making sales. Alongside this brand development it was identified that TeleWare needed to become more flexible, this spurred the birth of the Secondary Colour Palette.
The effort resulted in staff becoming more aware of better design, sticking to brand guidelines, easy-use resources to create their own branded materials and more flexibility on how to use Brand Assets. For myself, I could relax my Brand Custodian duties in the safety knowing that they have the correct resources they needed, allowing me to focus on assisting the TeleWare Marketing strategy more.
TeleWare Primary Colour Palette (Previous to my employment) &
TeleWare Secondary Colour Palette, designed through research into
the TeleWare values and Brand Archetyping techniques.
This allowed TeleWare's Marketing materials over digital and print to become more
flexible and have a deeper meaning in-line with the company values of:
Curious ~ Dynamic ~ Partnership ~ Collaborative ~ Confident
TeleWare Product Factsheets (Available to the public)
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