Less Is More! Productions is a local theatre productions group working in partnership with Middlesbrough Theatre. They approached me in 2014 to design identities to the plays of their very first 'New Writing Festival'. New writers given a chance to get their work in the public eye.
Following the success of 2014, Less Is More! Productions have annually contract me to design their show identities. The latest being 'Blithe Spirit' in Feburary 2017.

(1) Bazaar & Rummage.
(2) New Writing Festival 2014: That Gay Play
(1) New Writing Festival 2015: The Butterfly of Twenty Five Stone.
(2) New Writing Festival 2015: A Brief Glimpse.
(1) New Writing Festival 2016: The Last Caretaker.
(2) New Writing Festival 2016: The Last House In Grovehill.
(1) The Blithe Spirit.
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